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Case studies

The following case studies provide a brief insight into some of Hypatia's recent work:

Improving customer service
A global automotive manufacturer with over 150 retail dealerships in all states was aiming to increase its competitiveness with excellent customer service and improved operational effectiveness. Hypatia worked with senior personnel to clarify the real needs and identified a range of viable organisational development initiatives that the client could select from, with a cost-benefit assessment of each. This led to Hypatia's development of a national knowledge management resource to support the firm's strategic direction.

Making dangerous work safer
Tenix Marine was experiencing some issues with the use of new cranes on the Navy's ANZAC frigates, and asked Hypatia to look at the problem. The subsequent needs analysis on the ANZAC Ship sea boat launch and recovery has led to the identification of major technical, skill and cultural issues concerning sea boat operations throughout the RAN. The resulting training and engineering activities will result in huge cost savings, a safer work environment and more effective sea boat operations training for the ANZAC class.

Measuring workplace performance
A leading Australian rural service company wanted to increase the competitiveness of its Financial Services division by focussing on the provision of excellent personalised customer service in the customer's work environment. To support this strategy, Hypatia developed performance management tools including enterprise-specific competency standards, development toolkits and workplace learning resources for all financial services roles.

Supporting the induction of new Child Protection workers
The Victorian Department of Human Services required a flexible orientation strategy to better support the induction of Child Protection Practitioners. Hypatia clarified the need for the strategy and where e-learning would be of value, designed the specifications for the strategy's significant e-learning component and assisted with the management of the e-learning vendor. The resulting e-learning program was launched to considerable acclaim by the Minister for Community Services. The program is now receiving international recognition.

Cost-Benefit analysis of a major training asset acquisition
A maritime training organisation was contemplating the purchase and installation of a salvaged marine diesel engine for maintenance training at a cost exceeding AUD$1 million. Hypatia was asked to assess the opportunity cost of the purchase and identify viable alternatives for consideration. Hypatia's review has resulted in substantial cost savings and improved training outcomes for the client.

Replacing a multi-million dollar training facility with simulations
The loss of the multi-million dollar ANZAC frigate maintenance training facility featuring real combat systems and ship's mechanical systems resulted in Tenix Marine requesting Hypatia to identify cost-effective alternatives. This analysis involved creating ground-breaking needs analysis models and associated intellectual property for the analysis of simulation requirements. Hypatia then advised Tenix on the tendering requirements and evaluation of tender responses. The resulting maintenance training simulations are now in use in the Royal Australian Navy's ANZAC training centre in Garden Island, WA.

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