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We work with reputable organisations in a wide variety of industries who need help with changing the people side of their business.
Our clients are leaders in private and public sectors. They are involved with implementing new strategies, improving processes, changing the way they do things. They come from a wide range of industries but share a common need to improve their business results by improving people's skills. Despite business success, they often find that they have needs involving their people's performance that they need help with.

Do you face these issues?

You think you have a people development need but you're not sure.
Sometimes it's obvious, but sometimes what appears to be a training need is anything but.
Your people don't seem to have the appropriate skills, or they're not doing what's expected of them. People's behaviour is influenced by many factors - sometimes they don't have the necessary skill and knowledge - sometimes they do but aren't using it. Identifying the real need, and cost-effective options for addressing it, can save your organisation significant time and money.

You need to buy some organisational change or training services, but don't want to get ripped off.
There are a huge number of providers out there promising to help you. Unfortunately, some don't deliver value. Others won't deliver value unless carefully briefed and managed by someone who understands how to get exactly what you need from them. We provide an independent advocacy service to help select, contact and manage external training providers, to get the best value for your organisation's training dollar.

You need help in putting together and/or evaluating a tender.
Writing and evaluating tenders for organisational development services requires specific expertise in many disciplines. Despite having an excellent understanding of what you need, you may require advice or assistance in writing or evaluating tenders to ensure you get what you need and don't get ripped off.

You're thinking about getting into e-learning, simulations, or other people development initiatives but aren't sure whether they are suitable.
There's a lot of buzz around e-learning, simulations and other training-related initiatives, but how do I know whether they are (1) worth considering for my organisation and (2) if they are worth considering, what's the best use of them, from a value for money perspective? We can help with fast, practical and no-nonsense assistance.

Your in-house organisational development or training function needs some additional capability.
Your in-house department is facing some new challenges or a sudden increase in workload, and you need help, fast. We have worked with clients to rescue projects in danger of failing, to mentor practitioners, to supply additional skilled resources to meet increased demands.

Sounds familiar?
If this sounds like you and you want to find out more about what we've done to help other organisations or explore how we could help, please contact us for an obligation-free discussion on 0409 016 716.

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